What’s in a Name?

All throughout my life it seems I have had to fight a battle to get people to denote my surname correctly. Often the obvious mistake is to make me a Mc and not a Mac. Thereafter the error is often to give me a second capital M, where there is none.


As a teacher I have had a variety of mis-spellings over the years and many of these baffle me with their randomness.


In addition to these,¬†nowadays many folks now call me Rob. This is due to my twitter handle (@robfmac) and maybe also because I tend not to correct people when they do so. Perhaps this is due to the weariness I suffer from as a result of the battles over my surname, or maybe I secretly want people to drop the ‘ert’.


I fear that my wife and I may have set up our elder daughter for such battles as she has an easily mistaken first name and even has an √ę at the end of her middle name too. It must be said that this resulted in the registrar having to get a user guide out to their PC when I was registering the birth.


Final thought: many people change their name by deed poll and often women change their name upon getting married – if you could change your name, what would you change it to?