Hello, I’m Robert Macmillan welcome to my blog.

Currently I teach Modern Studies in Inverkeithing High School and until spring 2015 was a senior lay-official in the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association.

This blog is a mixture of original posts and articles as well as copies of the speeches that I have made in moving motions at SSTA Congress.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    Having read you in GTC 73 I felt compelled to share it with my teaching colleagues and have done so. I then explored your blog and feel reassured that it’s not just me in fear of the future of how and what we teach and how we are treating one another- I’m being broad as your dialogue permits, with great respect in terms of the diverse topics you pull apart! You cover all bases imho

    I’m a primary teacher of 20 years. Ive been in special ed for 15 years and can see the reduction of NHS staff required to support physical as well as mental growth, never mind the meaningless paperwork exercises!. As they have reduced support, they have changed the intake, we have received more children with increasingly demanding needs in terms of communication skills/impairment, as well as self care skills. The ‘inclusion’ debate that has been pushed in without proper consideration … is an inept model… ive seen the propoganda machine at work and have too much to say on the subject. I could go on and on……

    I aim to bump your thread as I enjoy your frank approach; your words are right on cue. Enough is enough in terms of exploiting the good nature of the majority and the tick box culture of drop dowm menues and performance indicators. No two people are the same and rather than celebrate the idea through compassionate means, they catagorise and measure. Algorithyms have become a corporate tool and the infrastructure is enveloping those of us who attempt to model the ancient Greek concepts of teachers, thinkers and problem solvers… again I could go on.

    Best wishes and thank you for sharing your findings, I concur.


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