Friday Link Pack 3

The Scottish College for Educational Leadership have produced a framework that is

“…intended to support improvements in Scottish education by developing high performing leaders equipped to tackle the significant task of leading and managing in challenging and changing time”

Blog with ideas on improving the differentiation in your lessons and comment on related issues of pupil needs written by a teacher currently work as an ASD inclusion teacher in a mainstream secondary school.

‘What motivates learning?’ is a question that has as many answers as there are people and situations. The aim of this resource is to support such self reflection with a series of tools which you can access [on the site].

Run by @redgierob:

The Literacy Shed is home to a wealth of visual resources that we have collected over 10 years to provide high quality resources that can be used in stand alone literacy lessons, can form the basis for a whole Literacy unit or can support literacy units that you already have in place.

Improving Schools Through Design Thinking

Blog post introducing key ideas within design thinking. It is part of the mammoth edutopia site that itself has many resources for teachers

Gert Biesta: Good Education in an Age of Measurement. Video of a talk given in 2013.

The Learning Styles myth debunked on the back of an envelope

The Learning Spy puts Learning Styles to the sword.