“PT Social Studies in a High School in Fife. Tweets about Education, IT/Tech, Politics and Football. Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will.”

I’m not and never have been unidimensional.

Just like you I have a wide variety of interests, likes and dislikes and these are reflected in my tweets though not yet in my blog.

It seems strange that so many Twitter accounts are relatively restricted to one main topic of conversation. Stranger still that many assume that others too will be likewise.

The division is perhaps between those who separate their ‘personal’ from their ‘work’ accounts and those of us who have only one account. I have seen advice to teachers relating to Twitter use that suggests to do the former. I disagree.

An account for an institution will necessarily have a stricter focus, but do others have to be similarly bound?

To me it adds colour and personality to an account I follow when a tweet is posted that relates to art or football or something else. In this way we see another side to those we follow and they too become multidimensional.

The continuing #teacher5aday tweets are showing many educators in a new light. They are sharing the ways in which they are gaining a work-life balance, to encourage others to do so.

Far from being in an echo chamber I’ve broadened my outlook on so many things because I follow folks from well-outside my direct interests.

I’ve now been on Twitter for 7 years and I’ve changed in that time. I’m more tolerant though still at times impatient. I see a bigger picture but often view it through a small screen.

Whilst originally I’d be quite happy to toast a Barça victory by insulting Madridistas, I am now quite likely to retweet attempts by Madridistas to set up a supporters’ club.

Happy as I am as the Klopp era continues, this is probably the best goal scored in Merseyside in some time.

Same goes with political connections. I follow leaders as well as ‘ordinary’ members of a variety of parties and groups. Regardless of my own affiliation I recognise that our politics would be better and our society stronger if our parliament featured a more diverse membership.

So, providing it’s not something that could see you in hot water at work or with a regulatory body, isn’t it time to gain another dimension?

Maybe time to amend that bio or, just use one of the following:

“Tweets in a personal capacity.”
“Tweets are my own views and not of my employers.”